Don’t go with Meister Solar

Save yourself the frustration. Use a different company!!! My husband has called repeatedly without a callback. Meister Solar was very attentive until after the inspection. We never heard a word back.

Avoid Meister Solar

I have called 6 times to schedule a service call. Each time same drill. The technician isn’t at his desk but will call me back. Never a call back. It doesn’t matter how angry I get or insistent. They don’t care about service. Only sales!!! Avoid...

Meister Solar Solar Panels

Absolute nightmare of a company to deal with, once they get your money, goodbye anyone who is local, goodbye any timely responses/fixes, goodbye that good feeling you made the right purchase.

Meister Solar Customer Non-Service

Horrible organization. Very disorganized. Terrible follow-thru. I believe that Meister Solar has set up their customer non-service department so that they can just deflect away the problems they cause and eventually frustrate the consumer to the level that they just...